Who can be a member/owner of PWCCUL?

  • All civil servants, employees of public corporations and boards, school boards, and their spouses, children, parents and siblings, along with employees of the PWCCUL and the BPSU; their spouses, children, parents and siblings.
  • Additionally, former members of the C. C. Sweeting and St. Anne's Senior High Schools.

How can you become a member?


  • Completing a membership and a personal information form;
  • Purchasing, a minimum of ten (10) shares @ $5.00 each;
  • Paying a, one time, membership fee of ten dollars ($10.00); plus $1.20 VAT.
  • Providing your passport, driver’s license; utility bill (with your name and address on it), or NIB card; updated job letter and latest salary slip. 

Building up your SHARE account, weekly/monthly, attracts more dividends, yearly, and increases your “nest egg” in preparation for emergencies and retirements.